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What Does ECI Do?

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File Formats?

File Formats? There are a slew of file formats out there, and it can be very confusing regarding which one to use when. After we design your logo, we always provide it to you in the four main file...

Hello SEO!

Hello SEO! Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, improves and promotes a website to increase the amount of visitors to the website from search engines. SEO is often about making small modifications to...

Handy Dandy Photo Tool

Handy Dandy Photo Tool Call us ‘dumb’ or call us ‘nice’ for giving you this advice so you don’t have to pay us… but is a terrific photo tool for resizing or cropping photos and graphics for your website, blog or social media pages (most of which need to be a pre-determined height and width in pixels). This FREE…

ECI: Designing the future of your business

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Creative communications is our craft. What we DO is position your business for success.

ECI provides for-profit and nonprofit organizations power for their brands and the vital tools needed to rise above their competition through branding, print, e-media, web and environmental design.

Indispensable Partners

Valerie and her team are outstanding. They have developed a number of resources for us over the years—flyers, logos, web graphics, presentation templates, and the graphics for our annual conference…
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Valerie Smothers

Deputy Director, MedBiquitous

A Pleasure to Work With

I could go on gushing about the excellent products and service we’ve received from ECI over the years. The Virginia Synod has worked with Exclamation Communications…
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Ellen Hinlicky

Campaign Director, ELCA Virginia Synod

Partners in Freshness

Exclamation partners alongside several of our internal departments to create vibrant and visually-appealing communications. From creating numerous materials…
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Courtney Malengo, APR

Director of Communications, NLCS

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