Get a load of this stat: “96% of B2B organizations use _______ in some capacity in their marketing campaigns, of which 73% report positive results to their ROI.” * What’s the blank? It’s something that showcases your business’ mission, services, and personality, and engages your audience more than anything else in today’s marketplace. You could say it’s spreading faster than greased jello on a hot skillet.

Yes, 2017 is The Year of… Wait for it… Video Marketing!* We’re talking about engaging YOUR audience and prospective clients/customers with content that has meaning for them (not Facebook LIVE and individuals who think their friends want to hear their rants or silly antics).

And let it be known… at ECI, we rarely do “plain, straight shootin’ video” (i.e. video that your teenager can shoot and edit on his iPhone). Because we are visual branding experts, we take great pains to create videos that uphold your company brand as well as to incorporate custom infographics to clarify your message. Not only that, but most of the videos we do for our clients are animated videos. Yeah, that means we’re experts at using the same software that the big boys use for Fortune 500 company TV commercials.

For example, take a look at these fun, 30- and 48-second videos that we did for Chaney Enterprises, a multi-million dollar concrete and aggregates company with over 500 employees in the Delmarva area. Steven Tripp, Marketing Manager at Chaney who wrote the script, remarked about the longer video, “The YouTube stats for audience retention on this video was incredible. 98% of the people who clicked to watch the video, stayed to the end. That never happens.”

Thrive in 2017!

It’s January. We want to help your business thrive in 2017! ECI is “taking orders” for videos….Get ‘em while they’re hot—it’s showtime!!

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* As per the big marketing dogs at Hubspot


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