2017 is The Year of….

Get a load of this stat: “96% of B2B organizations use _______ in some capacity in their marketing campaigns, of which 73% report positive results to their ROI.” * What’s the blank? It’s something that showcases your business’ mission, services, and personality, and engages your audience…

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File Formats?

File Formats? There are a slew of file formats out there, and it can be very confusing regarding which one to use when. After we design your logo, we always provide it to you in the four main file formats. Here is what they are, the pros and cons for each, and a chart...

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Hello SEO!

Hello SEO! Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, improves and promotes a website to increase the amount of visitors to the website from search engines. SEO is often about making small modifications to parts of your website, that when combined, have a large affect on...

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Handy Dandy Photo Tool

Handy Dandy Photo Tool Call us ‘dumb’ or call us ‘nice’ for giving you this advice so you don’t have to pay us… but Cropp.me is a terrific photo tool for resizing or cropping photos and graphics for your website, blog or social media pages (most of which need to be a pre-determined height and width in pixels). This FREE…

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How to Create an Anniversary Animation

How to Create an Anniversary Animation We’ve already had a couple of companies who saw our 20th anniversary animation say they want one for their own company anniversary! So what goes into this kind of project? We first came up with a concept. As we knew we wanted...

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2 Tools You’ll Thank Us For + A Financial Makeover

2 Tools You’ll Thank Us For + A Financial Makeover A Money-Making Facelift A wealth management firm near Columbia, MD came to us with a very sad face…for their mutual fund website. Planning Solutions Group is a successful firm that has innovative ideas for financial...

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DO NOT ATTEMPT. FOR PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS ONLY. There are some things that should just be left to the experts. For instance, logo or web design. Yet, we understand that there are some things clients don’t want to spend money on, since they…

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Don’t shoot your web firm!

Don’t shoot your web firm! What to do when website design keeps shifting We’re all familiar now with the ObamaCare website debacle. Rather scary. But the latest changes in web design may prove to be just as scary for businesses and nonprofits. In this past year alone, we have seen more shifts in web…

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7 Ways to Blow Your Design Budget

7 Ways to Blow Your Design Budget Have you ever done a renovation or addition to your home or built a home from scratch—only to say “hasta la vista” to your budget while you’re in the thick of it? Things easily get out of control if you don’t have a tight reign on the...

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Is your website for your company?

Is your website for your company? Your website is NOT for your company; it’s for your audience. What are the first questions they have when they’re looking for your products or services? Do you answer that right on your home page, or on a page that is easy…

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Take a tip from “This Little Piggy.”

Take a tip from “This Little Piggy.” This little piggy went to market. Was it an open air market? A supermarket? Perhaps the author of this nursery rhyme from the 1700’s meant: “This little piggy went to market his business.” (Who knows??) In reciting this to your...

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Confusing your prospective customers?

Confusing your prospective customers? Creating confusion is easy. If the way you promote your business is inconsistent across different media, you can be heading for trouble. For instance, say you have a professional-looking logo and business card, and even though...

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5 Top Resolutions for Small Businesses in 2013

5 Top Resolutions for Small Businesses in 2013 The Huffington Post recently reported that “57% of small businesses’ top New Year’s resolution is to expand marketing to attract more customers.” * That means for each business doing nothing, there is a competitor who...

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