Capture your brand story.

Steer your business into action and leave your competition in the dust!

Your brand story is outdated if…

  • Customers are confused about what you offer

  • Key messaging is not consistent in your current website or collateral

  • Your phone has stopped ringing

  • Sales are in decline

  • Employee attrition is high

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We get the big picture…

You already know that stamping your logo on your print and digital media doesn’t drive your success. An inconsistent marketing message will send you out to pasture instead of spurring on new business. We view your marketing needs from a consultative, “whole hog” approach, helping you see the big picture to achieve your company goals.

detailed analysis

…and dig deep to help you hit pay dirt.

We help you unearth any problems with your current marketing tools, research your competition, identify opportunities for improvement, and corral our insights to provide you with creative, superior brand and messaging solutions.

Our Services


Project Coordination


Process Plan

Step 1

Do Assessment

Step 2

Make Plan

Step 3


Case Study Results

Execution Style

My company has relied on ECI several times and they have never, ever let us down. The team at ECI does what few in this industry do — they listen, understand the problem, and THEN execute. There is literally no other outsourcing firm that we have worked with in over a decade online that has been able to comprehend this simple, but all-too-rare principle of business. Thanks to everyone at ECI!

Michael Urbanski
CEO, Qazzoo

Exceptional Creative

ECI delivers exceptional creative that is always elegant, simple and eye-catching. Their team is quick to turn around projects and I’m never disappointed with the end result. They not only created our visual brand, but take great care to ensure it is consistent with everything they do for us, whether for web or print. It is always a pleasure working with ECI as they are true professionals from start to finish.

Susan Parker
Director of Marketing, Blackwall Hitch Restaurants

Partners in Freshness

I’ve had the privilege of hiring Exclamation for various creative projects over the past decade and was always pleased with the results. When I launched my own consultancy, I knew they would bring my brand vision to life. Not only are they creative, but honest, hard-working and willing to go the extra mile. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration and consider myself lucky to have forged a friendship with their team.

Courtney Malengo
Founder, Spark + Buzz Communications

Peace of Mind

When JEDEC decided to undertake a brand identity refresh, turning to longtime partner Exclamation Communications was a natural first step. Over the years, ECI has proven themselves to be a trusted resource time and again. Knowing JEDEC has ECI on our side gives me great peace of mind.

Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director, MedBiquitous

Discovery Hour

Complimentary one-hour assessment. Expert brand guide, Jeff Cochran will help you to take the bull by the horns and to find your eureka! No obligation or hitch, just helpful discovery.

Fun Fact: The term “branding” came from livestock owners who would brand their cattle with an identifying mark to make them stand out from other owners’ livestock.