2 Tools You’ll Thank Us For + A Financial Makeover

PSG Funds Website

A Money-Making Facelift

A wealth management firm near Columbia, MD came to us with a very sad face…for their mutual fund website. Planning Solutions Group is a successful firm that has innovative ideas for financial planning, yet that wasn’t reflected in their presence to the online world. If you ran across their site, would you take them more seriously now than before? See the makeover and judge for yourself.


Handy Dandy Photo Tool

Last month, we told you about Pictaculous, the free online tool which will generate a color palette from your own photo. This month, we found a cool, FREE photo tool for you non-Photoshop people! Do you need to resize or crop photos for your website, blog or social media pages? You don’t need to call us! See how it works.

Designers Toolbox resource website.

More Tools You Can Use

Since we love you, we’re letting you in on another of our secret tools: Designer’s Toolbox. This mini website gives all kinds of help, from showing you over 100 kinds of standard envelopes that you can use for your special mailing, to all of the various folds you can do for your promo piece, to web banner sizes.


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