7 Ways to Blow Your Design Budget

7 Ways to Blow Your Design Budget

Have you ever done a renovation or addition to your home or built a home from scratch—only to say “hasta la vista” to your budget while you’re in the thick of it? Things easily get out of control if you don’t have a tight reign on the process, don’t they? At ECI, we’ve found the BEST ways for you to get out of control and blow your design budget:*

  1. Don’t tell us everything up front. If you want a website now but are thinking a few months or a year down the road you might want to add e-commerce, don’t bring it up until it’s too late.
  2. Make sure you have a loose approval process, and bring in the Big Guns only after most or all of the work is done….OR…
  3. Give yourself a large committee to oversee the work on your project, and purpose to please each and every one of its members 100% at every step of the way.
  4. If you’re writing your own copy for your brochure or website, give us multiple drafts that are NOT approved and final, so we can keep re-entering and re-formatting the information over and over again.
  5. Don’t worry about being organized. Throw us the scraps of paper that you’ve scribbled your thoughts on or shoot us myriads of random emails, and let us decipher for ourselves what we think should be done or where things should go.
  6. Feel free to engage in lengthy phone calls or unnecessary meetings to let us know that you’re not organized and don’t value our time.
  7. Try not to get back to us in a timely fashion. If you allow time to pass, we will need to reassess and remember where we are with your project. (This also allows your project to drop its priority status, and go to the bottom of the to-do pile.)

Don’t throw up any of these 7 red flags to a design firm…or you’ll get the “aggravation tax” added to your bill!

*Sure, this is sort of snarky, but we’re really bringing this up to help you to NOT get out of control. At ECI, we pride ourselves in adhering to client budgets, and warning you before you start to blow it.


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