Case Study: Blackwall Hitch Restaurant, Eastport Annapolis

case study

Case Study: Blackwall Hitch Restaurant, Eastport Annapolis

It’s been exciting and sometimes a little crazy to be the design firm of record working on the branding, website, and multiple menus (that need to be perfected at the last minute) before the Grand Opening of the newest hot spot near the U.S. Naval Academy!

The executive team and owners of several successful area restaurants came to ECI with their vision of an “urban chic” restaurant venue with a nautical flair. As the concept and menus were early in the process of being developed, we had the task of creating a new logo, which entailed a good bit of research regarding the name and historical background. After presenting various logos and several revisions, the final logo developed into two versions. Then two turned into four, and after several weeks we had six variations of the logo which were applied to business cards, glassware, shirts, pens, the front of the building…and even a 6-foot logo for the band stage backdrop!

With everything in process but not fully realized, how does one promote a restaurant (or business) before it’s open? We started with a simple “splash” page on the website where people could sign up for their newsletter or apply for employment. We created a Facebook cover image and Twitter background for their marketing person to update folks on social media with a clear brand. Meanwhile, the full website was being developed, however, we couldn’t have a professional photographer take photos yet, as the place was still in progress just days before the opening! So on a tour amidst the disarray, we took iPhone photos and made sure to “Photoshop out” the ladders, tape and wires hanging down everywhere, so we would have something to show on the website.

Whether it’s the lure of the fabulous rooftop seating with a view of the Naval Academy, the artistic interior décor, the live music, or the food, we hope that Blackwall Hitch will delight everyone who enters its doors for many years to come.


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