Confusing your prospective customers?

brand police

Creating confusion is easy. If the way you promote your business is inconsistent across different media, you can be heading for trouble. For instance, say you have a professional-looking logo and business card, and even though your website might have outdated technology, it still works for the moment. Yet when you place an ad in the local magazine or newspaper, you give control of your brand over to their desktop publishers, who get paid to knock out ads as quickly as possible. They ask you for an electronic file of your logo, which you scrounge up and hastily email to them.

The result? The logo came out pixilated and stretched. The typefaces and colors are inconsistent with your business card and website.

It’s paramount that someone is in control of your brand practically 24/7 — whether it’s you, the head of marketing, or an outside firm.

An ad that you paid good money for, totally undoes the quality you’ve been striving for in promoting your business to your customers.

Here are some ways organizations confuse their prospective audiences (which is easy to do across various media):

  • Inconsistent branding
  • Unclear message
  • Too many things shouting for attention
  • Speaking about quality when reality is half-baked execution
  • Identity crisis

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. If you don’t have anyone inside your organization to be the “Brand Master” or “Brand Police,” now might be the time to allocate that all-important job to an outside firm.


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