Design scene do not cross.

There are some things that should just be left to the experts. For instance, logo or web design. Yet, we understand that there are some things clients don’t want to spend money on, since they feel it’s something they can do themselves.

We recently received an email blast from a company that uses a pastel blue and green color scheme for their branding. But for their wording, they used bold, hot pink text. In the words of Charlie Brown, “AUGHHHHHH!” It was an assault to the eyes.

Do you have an email or a simple announcement that you want to get out, without paying for design fees? At the very least, use tools that will help you.

Don’t do this:


Here’s a handy and FREE website tool that we found: Pictaculous

First, buy a good photo on a reputable stock site. Then, with the click of a button, simply upload to Pictaculous. With another click, the website will generate a color palette that goes beautifully with your image! You can use those colors for your text or other items in your design.


Remember: call on the experts for the important items. But for the smaller items you want to attempt yourself, at least use the tools that will help you to look like a professional company.


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