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Call us ‘dumb’ or call us ‘nice’ for giving you this advice so you don’t have to pay us… but Cropp.me is a terrific photo tool for resizing or cropping photos and graphics for your website, blog or social media pages (most of which need to be a pre-determined height and width in pixels). This FREE online tool is super easy and made for for non-professionals who don’t want to deal with Photoshop.

Bonus: you don’t even need to create an account or login!

1. Simply upload your photo to their website.

Image to crop.

2. Select your output size(s) needed & click the “Cropp Your Images” button.


3. Put your mouse over the thumbnail images on the right, and click on the “Edit” button if you’d like to crop the image differently to hone in on a certain section of the image.


4. When you’re happy with it, simply click on the “Download All Cropps” button!


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