How to Create an Anniversary Animation

We’ve already had a couple of companies who saw our 20th anniversary animation say they want one for their own company anniversary! So what goes into this kind of project?

We first came up with a concept. As we knew we wanted something a little more than just a static announcement, we decided an animation would be more special and attention-grabbing. Yet when we were ideating on the concept for our 20th, we kept running across other anniversaries for this year that were much more significant than ours! So in wanting to honor those great events, we decided to do a timeline to showcase them. Here’s the process we went through:
1. We did research on anniversaries in 2014 that had an impact on Americans as well as the rest of the world. We had to narrow it down, as there were many more than we showcased!
2. We sketched out an idea.

sketched ideas

3. We came up with a color palette.

color palette

4. We created a design in Illustrator, and modified it until we liked it.


5. We pulled the designs into our video software, and animated each item. Note that this is the part that makes this type of project the most time consuming of anything we do! Lots of attention and detail go into controlling each and every movement to work together as a symphony.

6. We selected music (which took time to sort through hundreds of audio files!) and added that to the video.

7. We exported the whole thing into a format to post online.

8. We posted the animation on Vimeo (or you can use YouTube) and then embedded it into our website.

Our 1:50 video took 25 hours to do, not including research. (But it’s worth it, isn’t it?)


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