Our Team

Jeff Cochran, Owner & Chief Solutions Officer

As Chief Solutions Officer, Jeff has decades of experience in helping clients to accomplish their marketing goals, and seeking out the most compelling way to strategically frame their story to their audience. He also is known as Miracle Max, making a client’s budget work most effectively.

Also known as Chef Jeff, his gourmet cooking has bedazzled thousands of eager eaters who consider it a veritable crime to turn down one of his meals.

Valerie Cochran, Owner & Chief Creative Officer

Having a natural ability for color and art, yet also being a math whiz and uber-logical INTJ as a young’un, the graphic design world was an ideal fit for Valerie because of its solution-based commercial application for art. She was one of the first designers in the country to work on the earliest microcomputers with software geared towards graphic design — plotting XY coordinates to generate art. (Yes, before personal computers were around, and YES, she was two years old.)

With her husband, Jeff Cochran, Valerie started Exclamation in 1994 and continues to work with each client and her team, ensuring the requested goals and target are zeroed in on to attain the best solution possible.

david wennemar

David Wennemar, Senior Designer

David is a man on a mission. Even without x-ray vision and aerodynamic cape, he will search the unknown at warp speed to find the most creative and effective interpretation of every client project he touches.

In his fourteenth year at ECI, David continues to produce client-raving as well as award-winning solutions, whether he works on an identity campaign, print project, or web job.

Having a blood type labeled “S” for Supremely talented, in his spare time he creates even more art by drawing surreal portraits and illustrations: wennemar.com

David received a BFA in Visual Communications from Northern Illinois University and resides in the state of Illinois with his art teacher wife, creative little daughter, and energetic little boy.

Charlene Harrison

Charlene Harrison, Office Manager

Charlene is the one who keeps us organized and does all of the behind-the-scenes magic to keep our business running. She also sends our clients those cute little invoices, and gives them reminders if they’re past due—either via phonecall, email, or by sending our friend, “BoneCrusher” to their door. Talk about a thankless job. You gotta love Charlene!

Charlene, her husband, and two sons live in the Baltimore/Washington corridor, yet she still considers the Rocky Mountains her second “home.”


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